Quad Tape Transfer                   
2 Inch Quadruplex Videotape Digitization Services at Affordable Prices

    Quad Tape Transfer was started on March 4th, 2004 to provide an economical source of 2 inch quadruplex or "quad" video tape preservation and digitization services for regional archives, colleges, libraries, and individuals with limited funds.

    Coming from a 27 year background in local TV station
engineering maintenance, I had several years of hands-on 2 inch quad vtr experience back in it's heyday before quadruplex was phased-out as the primary recording format of  TV broadcasting.

    Early in 2004, I was introduced to film archivist Bradley Reeves whom, at the time, was in the process of forming a new regional archive in Knoxville, Tennessee, the 
Tennessee Archive of Moving Image and Sound.

   As the collections began coming in, and some growing rather large, quad tape began arriving too, and so the need for an outside local service to handle the tape preparation and transferring processes, as well as maintain the VTR equipment in optimum operating condition and search for and maintain a spare parts inventory, and design and build unobtainable machine parts.

Association of Moving Image Archivists

Society of Broadcast Engineers


Owner Larry Odham and TAMIS Pres Bradley Reeves at the completed restored Ampex VR-1200 performing the first TAMIS Dolly Parton/Cas Walker Show 1967 low band color 2 inch quad tape digitization. October, 2006.